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The «clothes tailor» has to know the entire process of creating the clothes, not only the raw material used to make the fabric, but also the value of each fabric, and perfectly understand the proportions of the human body, adjusting the piece to each client.

That's exactly our job, knowing the raw material (wood, tops, hardware, accessories...), that is, everything the market has to offer, the value of each material, and having a deep knowledge of the proportions of the house, characteristics of the house, place where it is located, preferences and customer needs.

That's why we don't want to be just another store that sells kitchen environments, wardrobes, closets, …, but a tailor who studies, structures and works with wood and all its varieties in order to perfectly adjust our creations – kitchens, wardrobes and closets and even bathrooms – to the home and to the customer who buys them.

Because we want our customers to see the house as an extension of themselves, their personality and their tastes, we opened a second store, Decoradora da Vila, with accessories - lighting, sofas, beds, curtains and everything necessary to be able to offer a turnkey service.


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